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Our mission is to strengthen individuals, families, and entire communities through physical, mental and professional development.

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Hydration – The Miracle Pill

By Stephanie Trevino, MBA, PHR   Water is an amazing component to start off your healthy eating. Water has so many benefits that are often overlooked when people plan to diet, yet it is the most important component.   The first step is to plan!   How much water do you take in currently? How

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woman eating

End of Year Eating  

By Stephanie Trevino, MBA, PHR   Anyone that works in fitness will tell you that the last two months of the year are slow months for us. Couple holidays with family gatherings and extra expenses this is the time most people let excuses consume them. I cannot eat healthy with all these parties, or I

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Head Coach

Body Weight Science

By Stephanie Trevino, MBA, PHR, Certified Nutritionist   Learn about your body. The body is made up of lean muscle mass, fat mass, water, and bone. The goal when trying to lose weight should always be to lose fat and not muscle or lean mass. Body fat is a great indicator of the general makeup

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